Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Snow Day!

Today was my first official "snow day" since college. You know the kind, when you wait impatiently for your school to scroll across the local news station at the ass crack of dawn. Well this morning was no different and imagine my disappointment when Freedom Rains, Abby's day care, was not one of them. Wednesday's are my late day at VTB, so I work 1pm-9pm. This allows me to still go to a play group in the morning and work with my night crew. As I'm relaxing with Abby in the morning, I get THE call. THE call that says, "we're closing at noon!" Tim and I already decided that since I was home I'd be the lucky one to remain at home. I had planned on going in to work when Tim got home from work. As I'm checking VTB email and trouble shooting things from home, I get THE email. THE one that says, "we're closing for the day at 3pm!" WOO HOO! Needless to say, Abby and I went out to play in the snow. It was only for a few minutes, but it was fun to see her catch the snowflakes on her rosy cheeks. She was blinded by the bright light and white snow, and not a big fan of making snow angels. I did manage to get a couple of great pictures.....

Here's to our first snow day!

Thank you, Abby!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty challenging in the sleep department. We thought Abby was on a roll with only getting up only once at night. But, as all know, just when things get settled, babies switch it up on us. I figured it was the change in going back to work, spending more time in Day Care, then us all getting sick, potential supply issues and her not getting enough food at night, etc. After going to bed between 7-9pm, she would get up at 1, 3 or 4ish, 5ish, etc....At first I was feeding her each time, then we let her put her self back to sleep when she woke up at 1am. This pattern was making for a very tired Mommy. Daddy could have helped, but we don't have a huge supply of milk in the freezer.

I ended up calling the pediatrician yesterday and received good news that she's not starving, my supply during the day is adequate for her needs at "school" and that her sleep patterns are changing. We also have been trying to be better at a bed time routine. Grub at 6 and 8, bath at 7, etc..she's generally asleep shortly after her bath and maybe gets up for 8, sometimes it's 9. We always give her a few ounces before we go to bed to fill her belly. The past couple of days she would wake up, but we would let her talk to her self for a minute or two. She would eventually fall back asleep, but I'd still be wide awake. Ugghhh...

After silently pleading with her last night to at least sleep until 3am or 4am ( I went to bed at 9pm), she answered me by sleeping straight through to 5:45am! Not one wake up! I love you Abby! Your Momma appreciates the shut eye....

Here she is in one of her favorite places!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 3 Months, Abby!

If you guessed right, then you knew that today is Abby's birthday! Three months that is! Here are the obligatory pictures.

Sans clothing

With her new outfit from MiMi :-)

We are blessed with a beautiful, fun, easy going, strong-minded little Abby.

At three months she loves to play on her activity mat and bat at the toys, cuddle and giggle with Mommy and Daddy, watch TV (oops), mimic our voices ( I swear she says, "Hi"), sit up with a little bit of help, and talk to her self for long periods of time. When she's in a good mood, which is most of the time, she even laughs when we use the booger extractor. She thinks it's hilarious!

Abby's not a big fan of getting dressed or getting in her car seat.

She's also been really good about putting herself to sleep, with the help of the Fisher Price Sea horse and playing independently for several minutes. It's adorable watching her....we enjoy playing with her and working on her skills....mad following an object in a circle or grabbing at toys. One of my most favorite Abby moments is in the morning she wakes up slowly like her Daddy and always gives us the biggest smiles. She looks forward to each day with us as much as we look forward to each day with her.

Happy three months, Abby!


...of the stomach kind are not fun. This one hit me in the middle of the night on Saturday. Thank goodness Tim had come home from his business trip. He took care of Abby all night and all day, while I spent my time in bed or in the bathroom. I barely had enough stamina to pump for Abby. God bless the single Moms out there.

I'm up early and feel better on this Sunday, February 21st. And if you can guess what the next post will be, I'll give you gold stars for today! I'll give you a hint, it will include a picture of Abby and a Teddy Bear. :-) Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Abby's First Cold

It's official, Abby has her first cold. We're going on 4 days of a sniffly, congested, snotty mess. Ick. She's handling it like a champ, just not sleeping as well as she had been. We went in with the booger squeezer outer(BSO), aka nasal aspirator, and she didn't appreciate our gesture. We knew she was starting to feeling better when using the BSO she started laughing. It's really quite cute and I'll try to get a video. Hopefully she'll start sleeping better very soon! Momma is getting tired....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hockey player?

It's been a pretty busy week with me heading back to work part time, so I apologize for a late post. However, last weekend we went to a Saint Mike's vs Middlebury hockey game and brought Abby along. It was a bit chilly in the rink and she demonstrated her interest by sleeping the whole game. We did manage a few smiles and snuggles with PaPa at dinner after the game.

While she might not like hockey, she does like to play on her mat. She's really having a great time grabbing the links, looking at the whale, AND craning her neck to see the TV behind the mat...we're going to have to do something about that.... hmmmm

Going back to work has been great! It's helpful to know Abby is in good hands, in a safe environment, and well loved. I picked her up today and she gave me a big smile, but she gave her teacher, Karen, an even bigger smile! She always has great daily reports. I've been part time this week, but in reality part time during peak is really full time any other week. Hopefully my contribution was helpful. We're back full time next week. Maybe Abby will grow up to be a professional hockey player so I don't have to work. Only if she could stay awake during the games.....
How cute is she?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Look what I can do!

Abby is just about 11 weeks and has grown so much in just the past month. She's more alert, laughs when we laugh, can sense our tension, plays independently for 20-30 minutes, can fall asleep on her own, and with some assistance do the following:

Sit up in her bumbo! She LOVES it!

Suck on her toes - she really gets a kick out of this and usually ends up laughing and cooing hysterically. Kind of like the video below :-)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Proctors go to Miami

We are leaving sunny Florida today, and certainly enjoyed our short and well-earned trip to the south. Tim had a conference on Friday and Abby and I tagged along. While Daddy-O worked, Abby and I drove a couple of hours north to visit Grampy in Indiantown. I didn't realize he was so close! The pictures did not come out as well as I would have liked since I had to use my phone :-( Abby finally met her great-grandfather and June!

We left Coral Gables and went to the Eden Roc on Miami beach (ooh la la!) We had a beautiful ocean view room on the 19th floor. The first night we shared the hotel with two large weddings, a pro bowl party, and a karaoke wanna be in the next room. The lodging is spectacular and we even hit the beach for a few hours. Not exactly sun bathing weather, but close. I'll take it over the -4 Burlington experienced at the same time.

On the beach!

She LOVES the water!

And she loves laying out....

Getting wrapped up after our first shower.

And because I can't resist this one...A video of Abby's newest trick...

The Running Man