Monday, February 24, 2014

Abby/Sam 14 months

Having the blog is so much fun, especially since I can look back and see what Abby was doing at 14 months.  I found this post in our book (remember we turned our blog into a book? click here to learn how we did it) and really enjoy seeing the difference between the two kids.  

Abby had six teeth, Sam has almost all of them!
They both love cheese
Both good sleepers
Abby had several words, Sam has 2
Both are exclusively waking
Both good eaters and eating what we eat

Now, we all know that kids develop at their own rate and I respect the difference between girls and boys.  But, man is it fun seeing your kids grow and learn.  Abby was tossing things into the recycling box at this age, so we have to get going on the teaching with Sam.  :-)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Little Ice Skating

We rocked the ice rink! Sam had the opportunity to hang out with Mimi while we met up with some friends at the Portland Ice Arena and took a few laps around the ice.  Boy did we get a work out!  Abby enjoyed the new adventure and really started gliding along with one hand in each of ours.  "Faster, faster!"  No triple axle's this weekend, but she's enjoying watching the Olympics.  She is most excited about being a skelton racer. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

14 Months and counting

Goodness, it seems like I have  many great blogs to write as I go about my day, and then I sit down to write and I got nothing.  In the moment of a fun event, while we creating a memory, I will often think, "ooh, that is a blog entry", and then poof! we're on to the next memory in the making.

Tomorrow is Sam's 14th month. Nothing really super special about it, there's no doctor appointment to attend and it's not special in a numerical sense.  So, instead we'll just share what's been going on.  Oh, Sam, how your personality is shining through.  He's giving us lots of giggles, loves to climb on the couch, and is definitely a dare-devil. He loves water and scared us a bit by the pool in Florida.  He had no qualms in just jumping in.

He is eating us out of our home.  For real.  He doesn't have many words (a boy thing?) so he expresses his hunger by grunting. He grunts  He is loving cereal bars, broccoli, apple sauce, yogurt, cheese itz, and so much more.  Like Abby, he's been eating what we eat - just more of it! 

He almost has all of his teeth.  He's still getting some of this molars and eye teeth.  Still teething.  It feels like it's been months.Well, I guess it has been. Fortunately, he is still sleeping through the night and loving his naps during the day.  He love sleeping with his lamby, and cuddles right up to snuggle in for a long night's rest. 

Sam is much crankier than Abby was at this age.  Yes, I said it.  I totally jinxed myself, but it needed to be said.  Tim and I just laugh and ask ourselves, and why did we want kids??  Kidding, kidding, of course!!  There are days when they are both testing us and we struggle to just make it to bed time.  But, we make it!  They absolutely love each other - that is quite evident.  Sam is now "giving kisses" right before bedtime where he smacks his lips and tilts his forehead to you.  Serious cuteness, I tell you.

Did I mention that he's a walker???   Full fledged, walker/runner.  The first time he put on shoes he threw a nice size tantrum.  To the point that I thought he was being pinched!  Nope, just didn't want to put the foreign objects on this toes.  It was a good thing we tried them out when we did to ensure he could walk appropriately while we were in Florida. He's cool with them now.  Boy, the drama, I tell you! 

Not many word yet - still just mama, dada, ball...I'm told that boys take a bit longer in the development stage.  I trust the sound advice and will just continue to read to Sam and ask him words.  I love how he picks the same three books out for bed time.  One about marine life, one about baby faces, and my favorite one about all the things I love about him (happy side, sad side, toes, nose, and ears, etc).  I've tried picking out different books, but a tantrum ensues so we stick with the tried and true.  Love, love, love.....

A not so quick update to the Proctor clan.  I'll catch you up on our rollerskating and ice skating adventures soon!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Building Memories

I love traveling.  Tim loves traveling and doesn't even mind the business kind.  We are fortunate to rack up Marriott points and airline miles quickly so we can vacation often.  We spent the last week in Orlando with three fabulous days pool side, two days at Disney, one cloudy day at the beach building sand castles, and one special visit from Papa.  Despite stressful flights with an active, teething, fussy, one year old, we really had a fantastic time.  It's worth spending money when we're building memories!  Of course, you can always stay home to make memories, but being in warm weather was a special treat for Mama and Dada.

Here are some highlights:

plenty of sun by the pool!  One record high day!

Superbowl party!

Lots of fun in the waterfalls and splash park perfect for kids

First day at Magic Kingdom

Meeting Cinderella!

Hanging out by the carousel

Several parades!

Meeting Merida - she's so brave!

Ariel had a crush on Sam

Captivated by the lights

Getting extra zzz's

Papa visits to play

Meeting friends at the beach on a cloudy sprinkly day.

Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine

Meeting Tiana

Meeting Snow White
Meeting Rapunzel
Buzz Light Year fun!
Abby's favorite ride - the roller coaster!