Friday, April 27, 2012

Piggy Paint

Seriously some fun stuff.  Abby let me paint her piggies while she was sick and a few days later we painted her fingers!  She loves showing off her mani/pedi!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Skipped a few numbers, but we're working on it! 1-13 minus 5,6. We used to skip 6 and 7.....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Recap

Yes, I know Easter was LAST weekend, and am just getting the change to write a few posts.  We have a marvelous day in Woburn with the Proctor family.  I'm so very thankful my in law's open their home almost every holiday.  The Burlingame's are literally in the center of all of us so it makes the most sense, but it also means they have the responsibility of cooking!  Very, very thankful :-) We enjoyed yummy ham and turkey with lots of fixings. 

Here are a few shots from the beautiful day celebrating Jesus' resurrection.  In these days of commercialism, many of us forget the true meaning of Easter.  Animals (bulls and lambs) had been sacrificed to atone our sins and Jesus is was a representation of these animals.  We celebrate Jesus since he is the lamb of God, or the one who sacrificed his life for ALL of our sins.  We celebrate Easter with eggs to represent new birth and new life.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My family are Chapstick hoarders.  My Dad buys it by the bulk package at Sam's and it lasts him a month (okay, maybe longer, but you get the drift.  My brother has chapstick print in his jeans pocket because he always has a tube there.  I have a tube in my makeup kit, bathroom basket, nightstand, car door (driver AND passenger just in case Tim's driving the truck), two tubes in my purse, a drawer in the kitchen, and a tube in Abby's junk drawer.  It's clearly an obsession.  With winter just behind us, Abby has had her share of Chapstick usage as she overcomes cracked, bloody lips from the dry, cold weather.

I tend to grab whichever tube I'm closest too.  Her response to each application is, "ooh, that's Grampy's chapstick!" or "ooh, that's Mumma's Chapstick,  "ooh, that's Uncle Chris' Chapstick" "ooh, that's Dadda's chapstick"

Here's the code:

Mint = Mumma's
Cherry = Dadda's
Regular = Uncle Chris' or Grampy's.

Yes, that's how addicted we are.  She already knows our favorite flavors.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sassy Pants

Just last week, as we sat down for dinner, Abby began to fuss and whine and cry and scream and yell and the list goes on and on...Dinner has given us a bit of trouble lately, but we've tried very hard not to pick the food battles.  Clearly, she's not starving, yet could certainly stand to put on a few more pounds. The ribs sticking out make me a bit nutso.

Tim and I looked at each in disbelief because we.just.sat.down. I got down at eye level and said to Abby,

"Abby, why oh why are you wearing your sassy pants tonight?  I would really like to you to eat dinner with us."

Through the tears she says, "Mumma, I'm NOT wearing sassy pants, I'm wearing my RAINBOW pants."  Obviously referring to the multi-colored pants she was wearing.  Yes, Abby you certainly are.

How can you not chuckle just a bit, your heart not melt a bit, and your smile grow just a bit and say, "It's okay Abby, you can pass dinner just this time.  Now, let's get down and give me a hug!"