Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Ear of Corn

At 24 weeks, that's how big our little guy is. About 12 inches or the size of an ear of corn.  No wonder why I can feel him doing tumbling exercises.  I scanned quickly to find a post for when I was pregnant with Abby to do a little comparison.  What I found is that I owe some pictures to the blog.  Clearly I was taking belly pics left and right.  I'll work on that.

What I can share is that baby P is quite active.  Because of his size, you can just see my belly moves when he moves.   Although the timing has to be just right, both Abby and Tim have felt him move.  Morning, lunch, and night this kiddo is shakin' and movin'.  Often he'll remind me to shift positions to give him more room.

Baby Ear of Corn: 24 week, 2 days
Abbycadaby: 2 years 9 months

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bedtime Routine Drama

We had a good run...between March and the end of July, Abby rocked the big girl bed routine.  She stayed put and actually would call to us when she needed something.  The bed rails acted as a barrier she respected.  Well, we took a turn in the other direction and are now dealing with a bedtime that is up to two hours, sometimes a bit more.  It's maddening.  Miss Abigail has begun expressing her sassy self and is avoiding sleep like the plague.  We hear lots of things such as:
  • Mumma!!  I need to pee!
  • Daddy!  Dad! Daaaad!  I need my sweatshirt!
  • I need a hug!
  • Can I come give you hug?
  • Teddy needs a hug!
  • I need milk/water/juice/snack/anything else I can think of to get out of bed...
  • I need to poop!
  • Mommmy - hold my finger!
  • I want different music
 Does she not realize how valuable sleep is???  Last night I though for sure she was asleep.  Twenty minute of silence surely means sound asleep, right?  I decided to read a bit before bed and closed up shop around 9:15.  Well, wouldn't you know I literally almost ran over Abby as she walked about of the pitch-black bathroom.  I looked at her startled and then realized what she had done:

practicing with makeup

She expertly applied green eyeshadow on her lids and below her eyes - I think she wanted the smokey eye look.  The finishing touches were a dark shadow highlighted her brow.  Really??!!  at 9pm at NIGHT??!!!

All I could do was laugh and of course take a picture.  She was so stinkin' quiet.  I laughed so hard that she knew I was laughing at her.  Ohhhh, Abby.  I do love you so dearly.  But, pretty please GO.TO.SLEEP!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Trick with Eating

Our little peanut is, well, just that....a peanut.  She is full of energy and not a great eater so she's rail thin.  Food is not a battle we choose to fight as we know she'll eat when she's hungry.  We generally don't make separate meals for her and ensure we cook something she'll eat. She can't eat Dora snacks all day long, right???

Last night I bribed her with the camera.  She loves taking pictures with her Fisher Price camera and loves looking at pictures whether it be on the computer, camera, phone, etc.  As we sat down to dinner and she started poking at her pesto pasta, I said, "Abby, shove a bunch in your mouth so I can take a a picture."  Here's the result.  Not only did she eat several bites of pasta it was enough to warrant a Popsicle for dessert!

You mean, just for eating I get to look at pictures!??!

mmm, mmmm

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cape Cod 2012

It's hard to believe how fast vacation week flies by.  We very much enjoyed our time with friends/family on the beach, in the sun, having fun!

Here is a round up of our glorious week away!

Annual P-Town picture!

Jen and Chris joined us for a few days

The Forleo Annual P-Town Picture

Shopping at Cuffys - note the purple sweatshirt she picked out herself

OMG - I'm in the best Candy Store on the planet! Loaded up the basket!

The beach is tough
Myles and Momma

Where are you baby brother??
Abby and Mom
Abby and Dada

Sunset on Sunken Meadow Beach

Myles and Abby sporting matching Cuffy sweatshirts

Regan and Abby at the Shanty - chasing seagulls!

Karen and Jess - Shanty GTG 2012
The Girls!

Proctor Family Picture 2012

I wish we had taken more pictures on the beach, but it seriously interrupted our beach time.  We bought the annual pass again  and used it to the maximum.  Out of the 6 solid days we had, 5 were spent on the beach.  Like full time job beach days.  Awesomeness.  A great way to relax, play, and enjoy vacation.  Can't wait for next year!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Underoos for the Abster

Part of writing this blog it to document milestones and certainly being potty trained is one of them.  Oh yes, I mean Potty Trained with a capital P! Her bathroom interest has been written about several times.  Nine months ago  (written about here) is when I believe we started the process.  (Holy shnikes that's a long time!)  During our day care provider's (Susie) 3 week vacation, we took the liberty to toss the pull ups and be fully in underoos with the exception of naps and night time.  After 3 weeks I'd say we're a complete success!  She hasn't had an accident - well, I wouldn't necessarily count the thunderstorm.  She was so scared she couldn't make it to potty. Consistently letting us know when she has to go #1 and #2, she's done extraordinarily well.  Her #2 generally can be timed with the ride home from day care so it limits what we can do and where we can go.  However, it's a good test to "holding it". I'm a bit nervous for our long ride to the Cape next weekend, but I'm sure the Abster will do just find.  She'll be sporting her Elmo underoos after all.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Walkway #2

I loved crossing this project off the list. It really took about a day, but we did it over the course of the weekend.  I wish I had a before before picture, but you get the idea from the pictures below.  We checked out lots of tutorials on you tube and really did a basic reno.  With this said, we expect some movement of the slate pieces, but am hoping they stay level enough so they don't become a tripping hazard.  :-)  For a project that was practically free but our time.  I'd say it came out pretty darn good.

The pile we dug up from the so-called  front walk

Measuring, digging up, and leveling the path

Laying the stones. 
 Because the stones were different heights and shapes, this took awhile. The leveling part was the hardest!

The finished project - complete with three bags of mini marble stones
Thanks, Tim for your labor and hard work!  Easy, peasy - right??