Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!  The Proctors hope you celebrate your loved one whether it be with a hug, kiss, special card/gift, or just an extra "I Love You!". 

Tim is out of town and he surprised me with a few goodies he tucked away in his nightstand drawer (smarty!).  Abby and I spent lots of time making some very special cards and a few gifts. 

I hope I didn't spoil any surprises if some of the recipients haven't received their cards :-)  We had lots of fun painting.  Abby's patience was awesome during the "Be Mine" creation as I painted her hands and we stamped the cards.  Daddy also got a silhouette of Abby's profile - I thought I got a picture, but realize now it was just a cell phone picture sent via text.  It came out super awesome - I'll have to try and add it later. 

The Proctors

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"Pretty Please"

Abby's conversation style is quite like her Momma's - she chats away like it's her job.  Tonight as we were finishing up dinner, which by the way she actually ate a lot of it, she asked a simple question:

Abby: "Momma, I done?" 
Me:  Are you sure?
Abby: Yes, all done....I need to get down now.
Me:  Abby, how do you ask for something?
Abby:  May I please get down ( it sort of sounded like maypleasedown....)
Me:  (giving her the one eye)
Abby:  Pretty please?

When did she learn that?????  I chuckled, smiled, and scooped her right up into a bear hug!

Happy Friday!  I am looking forward to a weekend with home with the fam.  Tim has been snowboarding in Utah since Saturday.  On deck?  Swimming lessons, lunch with friends, church, hopefully some Valentine's Day card crafting.  Hope you have fun weekend plans!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


A few weeks ago, I was doing something in the living room/kitchen while Abby was playing with all her goodies in her dress up trunk.  (Tim and I gave her a trunk filled with tutu's, hats, necklaces, costumes, funky glasses, heels, and so so much more for her birthday).  She came parading out of her room with a tutu, tiara, too-big pink heels, mardi gras necklaces, and a glittery purse.  She had a wand with a puffy end and was exclaiming, "Magic, momma!  MAGIC!"  Neither one of these pictures were of that moment, but you get the idea.  And clearly, she wears this outfit a lot. 

Abby, my love, you are MAGIC!