Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nothing is a Choice???

Me: Abby, what do you want for breakfast? Busy Bee Cheerios, rice Krispies, or Apple Jacks? 
Abby:  I want toast
Me:  That's not a choice at the moment, (we're out of bread so I repeated the above) and added oatmeal
Abby:  Mummy, (in a sassy voice) I want toast.
Me:  Sweetheart, you can have (the above)...those are your choices.  Or you can have nothing.
Abby:  (stared at me with a "are you kidding me? you'd give me nothing" look)  I'll have busy bee.....
Me:  good choice

Oh Abby, you just make me laugh!  Now, I get that most of you reading this might not find the humor.  But if I had taken a picture of the incredulous, surprised look she gave me - it was just priceless.  I'm such a mean Mommy. :-)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sam's 4 Month Check Up

Apparently we breed peanuts.  Both Tim and I placed bets on Sam's weight and came pretty close.  We high fived, did a chest bump (well, not really, but you get the picture) and smiled proudly that we at least one child in normal height/weight.  Well, at the end our appointment it turns out he's still on the small side.  (WHAT?!!)

Height: 2' 1.75" (25 3/4" and  66.4%)
Weight: 12 lb 14 oz (4.91%)
Head Circ: 16.5" (51.28%)

Tall and skinny?  That's my take away. I'm jealous :-)

Overall, his appointment went really well. We bragged appropriately and even discovered his teeth are coming in!  You can clearly see the nubbins so it's no wonder why he's been keeping his hands in his mouth.  He also pooped right on cue - again!  The nurse asked about his bowels and he literally let one loose.  We all started laughing and I remarked, "How's that for an answer?"  So far he is has Daddy's son - he likes to eat, sleep, and poop.  :-) 

Abby: 3 years 5 months
Sam:  4 months

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What Did She Say?

Me:  Good morning! We're going to have eggs and bacon today..
Abby: yay! 
Me:  so, let's go pee on the potty and get some underoos on (she's still in a pullup at night)
Abby: (grabs her diaper) oh oh...
Me:  Did you go in your pullup already?
Abby:  (laughs) yes, hahahahahaha
Me:  We're going to have to quit those cold turkey, Abby..
Abby:  Mom, are we having turkey with our eggs?
Me: (confused) Huh? 
Tim:  You said cold turkey...

We all busted a gut on our bed while watching Sunday morning cartoons.  Awesome way to start the day!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Four Months Sam!

Seriously awesome:

We are sleeping through the night, rolling over, smiling, drolling, "goo"ing, flirting, moving up to 6 oz bottles, loving his big sister (and mama and dada), falling asleep to his seahorse, enjoying doodlebops like Abby, and growing like a weed....

Sam: Fourth Months old
Abby: 3 years 5 months

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Baptism Day!

Sam was Baptized today!  We had a beautiful service with a beautiful celebration after.  Our pastor is retiring in June and we're so lucky to have squeezed in Sam's christening before John moves on to different endeavors. 

"That sweet little hand so precious and new, is held by a much bigger hand...and He'll never let go."  (Hallmark Card)

Godparents Aunt Erin and Uncle Rob

European Bakery treat!

Friday, April 12, 2013

My babies

It's not often I'm in front of the camera as I'm usually behind it...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rolling, rolling, rolling

We've got a roller!  Sam may not have been very happy about it, but we have a roller.  With lots of tummy time, we finally got him to roll from front to back.  Here you go!

Diva Abby

This past weekend we took Abby to her first "theearteeerr" (theater) production - SPHS was performing Thoroughly Modern Millie and while we survived the first act, Abby was getting a little antsy the last 20 minutes.  We'll stick to 90 minute Disney movies instead of elaborate productions.  We were also celebrating Mimi's birthday and enjoyed lunch out at a sushi restaurant. Abby loved her edamame!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Have a Skunk in my Throat

Oh Abby, If I could document all the cute things you say....

Abby: "Mom, I have a skunk in my throat."
Me:  "Oh, really?"  Well, your breath is a little skunky.
Abby: "And I have a squirrel in my belly."
Me:  "Oh, geez - I guess you don't feel very well, huh?"

After sharing this conversation with her Doctor on Tuesday morning, Doc Eric says, "You have a whole farm in there!"

Turns out she does have a skunk - it's called tonsillitis.   Thankfully, she's on an antibiotic and is going to daycare today.  She's feeling much better after several days of fevers, being silly, and watching a lot of movies!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


That would be sleeping through the night. And, yes I mean Sam! This little guy is sleeping better than Abby is!  He's been consistently sleeping from 8pm - 6:30 for about 2 weeks now.  It's hard to talk about something so awesome without jinxing it.  Tim usually feeds him around 11pm (dream feed) and he doesn't wake up.  We got smart (lazy?) and are using a disposable diaper for these overnights because his newborn diapers don't hold 12 hours of pee and his legs are just a tad too tiny for his Bum Genius dipes. 

His schedule is pretty consistent. Up at 6:30, eat and then back to sleep until around 10:30.  Eat, play and rest until 1:30.  He eats/plays until 4:30/5ish and then had a before bed snack at 8pm. Sam is such a sweet baby.  He laughs and goo's!  I was reading in my blog book where Abby was about now developmentally.  Of course, I'm not comparing the two, just checking to see what's coming up.  The raspberries and rolling over should be just around the corner!

 Now if Abby would get her act together and stop waking up we'd all get great sleep!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter

Our Easter was a bit low key this year.  Abby came down with a fever Saturday night and we didn't have much luck getting rid of the germs.  We've had a temp since then so I suspect we'll be off to the doctor tomorrow.  The Easter Bunny made an appearance even with the sickies!

The bunny left lots of eggs filled with coins, jelly beans, and stickers.

Could not resist Sam I am in his Froggy outfit - complete with Frog slip ons!