Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rhode Island Wedding Festivities!!

This past weekend we headed down to Rhode Island for Tim's sister's wedding. We had most of the day on Saturday to lazy on down the road - stopping in Kittery to check out Carters and Ann Taylor Loft - before we needed to be at the family dinner hosted by Dad P and Gwen.  The evening was a blend of gorgeous views with spectacular sunsets, tasty food, and wonderful music.  It was nice to spend time with family and meet some of Chris' family.

On Sunday, the weather was a bit warm and sunny while we waited for the 3:00 ceremony which was located at an adorable museum in Bristol, RI.   The bride radiated as she walked down the aisle and the groom grinned as he took her arm.  A small gathering of about 40 watched as they took their vows and celebrated with them at a quaint restaurant just around the corner.  Dinner was fantastic and we ended with a nice yummy slice of chocolate cake.

I wish I had more pictures to share...my camera was broken (remember Abby threw it down the stairs??) and I had a hard time getting used to my Mom's camera on the fly.  Here are a couple of snapshots until I collect more from other attendees.  :-) Oh, and I left it at Gwen's during the ceremony and didn't take many pictures of the flowers!  Which I always try to do, especially when I'm the florist :-)


Gwen and Papa with Abby and Tim

The couple are celebrating their nuptials in Colorado.  I hope to see pictures soon of their honeymoon!  A perfect trip to end a perfect day!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Potty Patience

Abby has been interested in the bathroom, and everything in it, for months.  You may recall this post from almost a year ago.

We've started introducing Abby more to the potty and asking consistently morning and night if she needs to go pee on the potty.  Reading books about it at night and generally talking about the potty more.  She has even earned three stickers in the past two days!  She's a big fan of "stickas" and will hopefully work as we bribe the  reward her with elmos, cows, stars, or whatever else we have on hand. 

Let's face it as much as we want to get rid of diapers and get them on the potty, they just aren't cognitively ready for it  until 21-24 months of age.  Now, I know there are exceptions.  In fact I know someone who communicates and reads her one year old so well, they're on their way to a diaper free world. 

We on the other hand have to start with Teddy.

Add caption

Just after these pictures were taken, my lovely daughter grabbed my camera and threw it down the stairs. I'm fairly certain the "Lens error. Restart camera" is not a good thing and hope to have it fixed or buy a new one soon!  For now, I leave you with Abby basking in all the glory of her favorite room - the bathroom.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Hair Cut

Even at 21 months old, we seem to be having lots of firsts. First dentist appointment, first haircut, first sleep boycott, it's always something new and fun!

We decided at the last minute to have Abby's hair cut.  I like it long as it is easy to put up and her bangs are still growing out.  She's not a big fan of barrettes and usually pulls them out.  Snip Its, a local very kid-friendly "salon", opens early and was our first choice of places.  Actually, we really didn't care but at $20 (tip included) for the cut and the experience it was a pretty good visit.  She sat really well in her chair and let Michelle neaten up her ends.  Although it's exactly what I asked for, she doesn't look, like she got a cut!  :-)

Before -sitting still like she was bribed - I mean asked. 

After - you can see the bow in her hair :-) Thrilled, I know.

That's our girl!  Complete with a $.25 sticker from yard sale-ing

Miss Abigail was super awesome during the cut, got a prize ( a rubber duck!) at the end, and wanted to stay and hang out while we were leaving.  Next time we'll get a little daring a cut off more than this!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a picture....

Life is busy.  The camera should come out more often than it does.  Here's a snap shot form a couple weeks ago. It reminds me how summer is coming to a close.  The dresses and pinks will turn to pants and sweaters and colors of Fall.  I'm not quite ready and will hold our for an Indian Summer. 

My two faves :-)