Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Perfect Onesie

While washing, folding, organizing, and putting away the bags and bags and bags (yes, we've received a lot!!!) of little girl clothes we found the most perfect onesie.

One of my girlfriends is expecting her second little girl any day now and found time to put together 4 more bags of clothing for us. Between her and her neighbor, we've been the lucky recipient of some of the cutest clothes! We already have a bin full of 12-18 months AND 18-24 clothes and the drawers are going to be full of 0-12 months! Holy cow! (Thanks, MB!)

This past weekend was a busy one with the nuptials of my cousin and a U2 concert. I'm looking forward to this weekend where we can just relax. Although on the to-do list is clean out the garage to make room for a car. We had a garage door opener installed to make going in and out easier! Here's my favorite pic of us from the weekend.....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

30 week check up and more art.....

Last night we had our 30 week check up! All is well - I've gained 25 pounds, 3 of that baby girl. Heart rate sounded fantastic, we got the clear to travel for the brew fest, and we learned we need to go in every two weeks for a check up.

We also received lots of info on the how-to-give-labor thing. yikes.

I also finished up the last of my cloth wipes. I finally got the technique down to a "T".

If you're interested in my oh so clever technique, here it is!
1. Cut 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 squares of fabric - I used flannel on both sides, supplied by Mom!
2. Match up the squares inside out.
3. Straight stitch 3 sides and half of the 4th side.
4. Flip inside out
5. Fold the final seam and zig zag stitch around all four sides - added some pizzaz and finished the cloth wipe!

I now have about 40 of them, full size ones and a hand full of half size ones.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

75 Days to go!

Holy cow....really, only 75? I remember counting down to the wedding and 75 seemed like it was going to take forever. I recall how quickly they went. The next 75 days are the last 75 days of just Tim and I; just the two of us; dinner for two; two tix to the movie; two plane tix on our next trip; just two....

Not that I'm freaking out or anything :-) I'm actually looking forward to the next chapter and ALL it has to offer. Yes, the poopy diapers; the 10 minute turned to 60 minute trips to the grocery store; the sleep deprivation; and of course, turning everything into three.

In honor of new things, a group of us are starting our own Stitch and Bitch knitting group. Since y'all know I love to multi-task, I'm hoping to learn to knit. Not just a scarf, but some really cool things like sweaters with a lobster on it, or baby booties, or even wool soakers for Miss Peanut. Stay tuned for pictures of projects. The first one up is "idiots washcloth" - let's see how idiot proof it really is!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great start on the nursery!!!

While in Maine last weekend we decided the colors of the nursery would be hot pink and lime green. After a well-deserved stop at Crate and Barrell, we loaded up on some lime green accessories (rug, baskets, and storage containers. When we got home, I realize that the lime green completely matches the rocker we had reupholstered in a lime green print. Duh! My fabulous Mom is going to make our bedding with coordinating solid lime green/hot pink and alternating polka dots (green background with hot pink dots and hot pink background with green dots). A curtain, bed skirt, pillows, and quilt will finish the room off nicely!

Today, Tim and our friend Rikker (Thanks, Rikker!!) picked up our crib and dresser from Babies R Us. When I got home all I had to do was help set up the crib! We moved a few things around and voila - the start of a rockin' nursery. We ended up getting pieces from different collections from BRU and while both the crib and dresser are in "natural" they are a bit different. I knew this and it will continue to bother me a bit, but I love both pieces too much to exchange anything. With our Christmas tree shop book cases, all the natural pieces are a bit off. Want to see some pictures??

See this Lion??? Well, it's a three foot stuffed animal that I won in a drawing from Bebop Baby Shop. I have a tendancy to stop in to get diapers on consignment and they have a lot of earth friendly product. I'm on a lucky streak!

The only thing we have left to add is a futon. We're doing a furniture exchange with our friend Barb. It will serve as seating and obviously a place to sleep when guests come up to stay! Well, we'll sleep on the futon and give up our room for ANYONE who wants to come visit (hint, hint!)

I can't wait to have it all come together!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Stranger Comment!

I had by GD (Gestational Diabetes) test this morning and treated myself to a bagel afterwards. While waiting for the toasty goodness, a young man commented that I must be excited for the cooler weather. It was adorable the way he asked, almost timid and a bit apprehensive. I claimed that it hadn't been too bad so far, which truthfully it hasn't. These November babies are perfect timing with weather!

Here's to polite gentleman!!

No news is good news on the GD test, so I'll let y'all know. It was expecting a lot worse. But the "fruit punch" was tasty and I got a lot of projects (craft stuff, registered my car via the iphone, read a parenting magazine, and made a to-do list) done in the hour wait.....would you expect anything less from this Type -A multitasker?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ultrasound Video!

While mom slept, Dad has some time to post a picture and video of me. Aren't I cute? I really like playing with my hands and toes - they taste really good. Mom says I have the Legere nose, I think that means it's on the big side.

Here's a video of me squirming around. I'm glad Mom, Dad, and my grandmother got to finally meet me!!