Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Proctor's celebrate Christmas in style with the Three Days of Christmas.  Up first is Christmas with my immediate family on Christmas Eve.  My parents, brothers and significant others gather at my parents and open lots of great gifts.  While all were thoughtful and great, my favorite happened to be the seltzer maker.  Genius.  We've already given it a go and will save a ton of money as all we drink is seltzer water.

A contraption that blows balls and of course Abby's hair.

Up second is the Legere Family Christmas party on Christmas Eve.  Where Aunts and crew toast with shots to the holiday.  I think this year they topped it at three.  The food is always fabulous, the company crazy, and the laughter merry.

eating blackberries before heading home

Thirdly, was our Christmas at our NEW HOME!  Technically, the house is our gift to each other.  Although it's certainly the biggest present we'll ever buy each other, we did exchange stockings.  With one addition to the house (my brother Chris) without a stocking we made do :-)  

Abby has a blast opening gifts and Santa was obviously pleased on how wonderful she behaved all year.

Santa had animal crackers and Sierra Nevada at our house!

Fourth, was a trip down to Woburn on Christmas day to celebrate with the Proctor side.  Just missing Gwen, we all celebrated the holiday with more fabulous food, a great Yankee Swap, and a million more lovely gifts!

The Burlingame's minus Greg.  Thanks for hosting!

Last up is the Dee Family Christmas in Turner.  Always a favorite with the Christmas Auction, we celebrate with Grampy's steak recipe, baked eggs, bacon and home fries.  The auction is one of my favorite holiday traditions where folks contribute goodies to Santa's sack and we all bid pennies or candies on the items.  We start off with 50 (this year it as 40) pennies and always end up with items we are psyched to take home.  A bottle of wine for $.20?  yes, please!  Beef jerky for $.12?? Duct tape, flashlights, chocolate, baby rattles, etc!! It's true!

What a wonderful holiday season!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Abby visits with Santa!

We braved the mall today and visited Santa before he takes off with his reindeer and sleigh.  The wait wasn't too bad and Abby and I hung out near the snowmobile on display.  I think she was a bit shocked by seeing the real deal.  Last year she was asleep the whole time :-)

13 months

1 month old

How fast they grow :-) 

As I bent down to help Abby on Santa's lap,  Santa told me today that the first Christmas is always special for the child, but each and every Christmas after, it is special for the "big" kids.  How so very true.  As we share in the spirit of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Proctors wish each of you a very Merry Christmas. 

Master Bedroom After

Considering our room was PINK before, this is a huge enhancement.  I  love, love, love the color we choose.  It's Benjamin Moore, Mediterranean Blue. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures before.  However, the color in the kitchen was the same, so visualize with me.  :-)

The existing sconces were brass and I spray painted them black, added new shades, and viola!  The paneling will go away at some point, but at this time I think it adds to the charm. 

The front pillows are made from the scarf to my wedding dress.  My crafty Mom made them into our ring bearer pillows. 

All in all, it's a very cozy room. Abby loves to snuggle in the morning in our bed.  Eventually,  we'll add more pictures, and other stuff, (like matching furniture) but for now, it's just perfect.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

House Remodel - Abby's Room

Ok, things are starting to settle down and we're putting the finishing touches on most of the rooms. Including finding and hanging some of our pictures and paintings.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we'll post lots of before and after pictures of all the rooms.  Let's start with Abby's Bedroom!

This room has had the most problems because of the big moldy hole in the wall.  Remember that?

Here's the transformation!

at the building inspection

at the start of the problem

working the sledge hammer

taking out the rotten, moldy boards

all patched up and ready for paint.


Just the window sill to fix.  It may wait a bit :-)

This is a needle point started by Tim's Mom and finished by Tim's sister, Erin.  Obviously the connection to me working at Teddy Bear, but more importantly, it's a piece of scripture read at our wedding.

I'm happy with the way Abby's room came out.  It functions well, is mostly Abby proof, and is a constantly being played in.  Abby moves between the living room and her room freely and is generally found "reading" her books.  I'm hoping to add some vinyl pieces to the one spare wall.  I found some at Michael's that are pink and green and have flowers, butterflies, etc.  It would be absolutely perfect! It's even 50% off right now!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Abby, Slow Down!

It's official - we have a walker.  She certainly is walking more than crawling and she's enjoying learning the new talent.  Walking means she's taller and can reach higher, which means we've had to baby proof more.  The first (and only task) for Tim last weekend was to get the latches on the kitchen cabinets. 

Here's a quick video of our giant marshmallow

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Birthday Girl Part III

Abby had her One Year check up with her pediatrician today!  All is well in the health department, and I must say good things come in small packages. Our little Abster is growing like a weed!  We did place bets on her weight and both were not even close.

Height: 29.25 inches =  50%
Weight: 16.9 pounds (HOLY SHNIKES!)  She only gained 1.5 pounds!  = 1.6%
Head Circumference: 18"  = 66%

I'm guessing a a bit and will edit when I find the print out.  Dr. M is not worried about her weigh at all since she's very tall.  We did talk about making sure she eats a lot of meats (meatballs, taco's, etc) and even adding olive oil and avocado to her diet.  I can't say that Abby like's her avocado, but we'll try again.  Abby is also in her convertible car seat, still rear facing, but now more room to clip her in with bulky clothing.  Her height was getting in the way!

Dr. M had a good taste of why Abby might be skinny as she was walking all over the place and getting into everything.  They don't even child proof their cabinets?  Tim just got back from a business trip and is amazed how much she is walking - definitely more walking than crawling these days.  Makes for a tired Momma. I'll post a video later :-)

Here are a couple of snap shots at Thanksgiving.

Showing off for the camera with Auntie Kelly and wearing her adorable dress from
her friend Miss Ridley, who has great taste!

we were showing off how we move in circles

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving at The Proctor Residence in Belmont, VT.  Jim and Gwen hosted us all and cooked a marvelous turkey breast with all the fixings.  Unfortunately, my helping didn't stay in me for too long as I had a bit of a stomach bug.  We made it back to Maine late Friday night and enjoyed Saturday recuperating.  Fortunately there were lots of willing hands to hang out with Abby.  Her cousins adore her and I think Auntie Kelly and Auntie Erin are a bit smitten.  We had a great time with the family and are looking forward to Christmas.

We're hoping to start the decorating festivities and have hung our wreath and put up candles in the window. I am currently working at LL Bean almost every evening and needed lots of helping hands (thanks Mom and Chris!) to watch Abby while Tim was away. Little down time is cramping my decorating wants.  Hopefully the rest and tree decorating will start this weekend.

May the holidays be bright, merry and filled with Christmas cheer!  Tim and I are both excited to keep family traditions going with Abby.