Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sam's Transition to a Toddler Bed

Abby never tried to get out of her crib and we ended up transitioning her when she started potty training. Well, in true Sammy fashion, he was just the opposite.  The day I returned from a trip to Wisconsin (12/21), he revolted on us.  He absolutely wanted to sleep with us and decided to catapult himself out of his crib and onto a few of his Tonka trucks.  I wish I could say it was funny, but at 2am it was downright scary.  Troublemaker.  So we hustled to get him a toddler bed.  He doesn't have a whole lot of room for a full size (he has a convertible crib) and we don't have  twin/full size mattress yet.  In hindsight, we could have just thrown his crib mattress on the floor.  I ended up driving down to Wells to borrow a friend's toddler bed, to get home and find out that his crib did in fact have the piece to cover to a toddler bed.  Oiy vey. 

After a solid week and half, he is finally sleeping well.  And then he got the stomach bug.  I will say the silver lining is that changing sheets is easier in a toddler bed rather than his crib.

So, Sam the Man is styling in his new toddler bed.  And, the Tonka trunks are just fine - he bounced right off of them.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Playing Catch Up

The last few months have certainly been busy.  Two and a half months since our blog post?  I think that's the longest we've gone without posting.  Ever.  Look for several posts over the next few days as we play catch up on fall, birthdays, other milestones, the holidays, and more!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. 


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We continued several of our Christmas traditions - Elf on the Shelf, advent calendar, and Pj's on Christmas Eve. We added two more advent components with a a book a day for 25 days and a "Be Kind" calendar from our pastor.  The tree was cut and up the weekend after Thanksgiving and we'll likely take it down this week.  The needles are everywhere!  Unlike years past, we did have one fall due to an "butt" pushing it over.  Whoops. 

The kids were spoiled again this year in the gift department.   I almost returned all of Sam's presents, but the open mouth, fishy kissed get me every time.  Some of their favorites include Abby's vanity table (for her hair and nail appointments, of course!) and sewing machine.  She can't wait to learn to sew with her Mimi! And, Sam is enjoying his crystal climbers and bristle blocks.  Two toys we found at our library and the kids really enjoyed. They really are thankful and appreciative of all their new playthings and I was most proud of Abby digging through the pile to give HER presents to Daddy and Sam first on Christmas morning. She's very excite to get presents, but she understands the importance of sharing and giving to others as well.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Abby's First Pageant

This year Abby wanted to be part of our Church's Christmas Pageant.  She practiced like a rock star belting out "Away in the Manger" and "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in the car.  While she was a bit timid during the actual show, she still performed in front of the congregation!  She is slowly, very slowly coming out of her shell. Look at her go!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Sam!

Sam the Man turns two!  Thomas the Train was the theme this year and he enjoyed the sounds of all the trains. 

Sam loves giving kisses especially fishy kisses and Eskimo kisses.  He loves trains, trucks, and fire trucks.  He likes to read books, sit and color with Abby, and loves giving big hugs.  He loves running around naked before bath and running up and down the hall with his dump truck.  Sam has several words that likely only Tim and I can understand.  He's not a big eater at home, but seems to be eating well at Day Care.  He's particularly fond of breakfast and yogurt.  He definitely likes being involved in everything that Abby is doing. 

In the last few months Sam has been a bit more challenging than Abby has ever been.  Quite the stubborn little guy with a mix of a lot of tantrums over a whole lotta nothing.  He doesn't like getting his jacket on or off, getting dressed, having a diaper changed, or even sitting down with us for dinner.  This is all a phase, right?

The awesome train table passed down from his cousins GJ and Ethan

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Holiday Season!

The first weekend in December we trekked up to Vermont to celebrate with our good friends and celebrate with PCC at their company holiday party.  Many memories made, yummy food, and an interesting Yankee Swap where I got Bacon Balm and Bacon flavored gum.  We ventured out to a vry nice gymnastic studio and let the kids run around for a solid hour.  They had a blast!