Friday, November 30, 2012

Soon to be a Family of Four

As we anxiously await meeting our newest addition, we took the opportunity to snap a few shots in front of the tree. 

Teddy had to get into the action, too!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Big Sister

As we approach D-Day (you know delivery day), we've been talking to Abby about being a big sister.  She's going to be awesome. She already knows that she's going to help with changing him, feeding him, holding him, kissing him, giving him raspberries, reading to him, sharing his toys, and of course loving him and welcoming him into our family.

She's ecstatic!  Abby has learned a lot about being a big sister already by taking care of a few of the babies at her day care.  We talk about her BBF (Mari) having a little sister (Lily) and how they have to share, etc.  She's already shown so much interest and love in her little brother it's overwhelming.  I hope it continues and they become best of friends and never fight, ever.  Ever.

In fact, as we all reflect on our little family, we've all had moments of overwhelming love.  Just this past weekend, Abby was having a tough Sunday.  She was a bit (okay, a lot) constipated and just couldn't get out of her own way.  I woke up cranky and had little patience for much of anything.  And Tim, well, Tim was just being his awesome, laid back self  (good thing there's more testosterone joining the family).

Abby had spilled her cup of water all over the coffee table after I had asked her to not take off the cover of her cup.  I certainly didn't yell, but asked her to get a towel to help pick it up.  She obliged, but still knew she did something wrong.

Later, Abby became very upset and scared of the narrator from Polar Express - a CD we thought she'd like played for her bed time reading.  In both cases, she sweetly apologized, even though no apology was needed.  It made both of us melt into a puddle and realize how incredibly amazing this big sister will be and how lucky we truly are.

I'm a bit sad that we'll have to "share" our time with her, and will look forward to mother/daughter time when we can snag it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm truly excited to meet this little guy, but Abby is a true gem. She's going to be an AWESOME big sister. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

36 W 3 D

That would be 36 weeks and 3 Days.... oh yes, this Turkey is cooking away!

Baby P (excuse the hair - hadn't finished getting ready for work yet)
Still feeling okay....We are now scheduled for weekly appointments.  On Tuesday, the doctors were concerned with the swelling in my lower legs and feet.  After being sent for an ultra sound, blood clots are ruled out.  They suggested more leg elevation, massage, and even offered a prescription for compression socks.  Oooo, fun!  Since Abby has been sleeping well (knocking on every piece of wood in sight!), we've been sleeping well.  I get up a couple of times a night to hit the ladies room, but otherwise mostly comfortable.  I plan on working right up until delivery, but will let the medical opinions dictate. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Third Birthday Abby!

Okay, so we're a couple (4) days early, but we certainly celebrated in style.  We wish we had the opportunity to invite all of Abby's little friends (aka my friends with kids her age), but 1) our house is not big enough and 2) she's still too young for a friend AND family party. We stuck with just family and "family" this year and still had over 30 guests.  This by far has been the most fun birthday for Abby!  She totally got everything about it - the presents, the anticipation, the celebration, the presents, the cake, the fun, the presents, the thank you's, and of course the presents!

We set up a canopy in her room and had a dozen or so (mostly small trinkets or cutesy stuff) presents wrapped in comic paper waiting for her this the morning.  She managed to wrangle herself into our bed around 5:30 and since I was NOT getting up that early she stayed to snuggle.  After decorating for her party Saturday night, I was surprised she was not rip-roaring ready to go! 

Papa, Gwen, and Auntie Erin joined us earlier in the weekend to maximize time spent with Abby and all were incredibly (Tim included) helpful in tidying up and adding the finishing touches to the party of the season!  The birthday girl had a BLAST playing with everyone, skipping nap, opening presents, meeting Curious George, eating cake, and passing out at 6:45.  Let's hope she stays asleep all night!!

Uncle Rob in the only George costume I could find....
The balloons that George brought!

A little shy during the official singing

Saying thank you to everyone - blowing kisses and waving before the canvasing the room

one final cupcake before bed

About 15 minutes later after bath

Abby hasn't been to bed this early since - I have no idea....Let's hope she stays asleep all night!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby - officially in four days!!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Princess Makeover

At my craft fair last weekend, a vendor was set up offering Princess Makeovers.  Oh.My.God.  Abby was in heaven.  She and Mimi stopped by for a couple of hours on Sunday to shop and we visited the Princess Booth. For just a few dollars (grand total of $7.50, Abby got a tiara, wand, princess sash, a beautiful bun, lots of glitter, and a princess story. 

I asked her if she does birthday parties and have contacted her since the show to help her test run a "tea party" or something of the like.  Stay tuned for some serious princess coolness.

Monday, November 12, 2012

35/35 Part II

Why is that an email reminds me of the milestones in this pregnancy??!!  I got my weekly reminder and I did a little "holy crap" when I opened it.  Thiirty-five weeks down 35 DAYS to go.  Here is Part I from the first time around. 

Feeling pretty good for being this far along.  Sleeping for the most part - in between two or three bathroom breaks and when  Abby wakes up.  :-)  On the down side, my cankles are out in full force.  In fact, I couldn't get my Dansko's on at the end of the day today.  The crocs may need to make an appearance - as stylish as they are. 

Lot's going on at home as we begin to celebrate Abby's third birthday this weekend and welcome family and friends on Sunday.  Saturday we're attending a Sibling class with Abby at the hospital.  Abby will learn about being a big sister in addition to a tour of the hospital. 

Also lots going on at work.  My fill in started today which gives me a few weeks to begin the transition.  Lots of questions around, "When's my last day...", "When is your due date?", etc, etc, etc.....

Exciting, exciting things happening here in the Proctor house!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Always Tuck in Your Shirt

Really?  I didn't know that was a rule - I think she's learning a little something extra at day car. 

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the future Steve Urkel (sp?).


On a side note, this outfit is one of my favorites.  Since she's growing a bit slow, she gets lots of wear out of her clothes.  In fact, one of my FAVORITE pictures is of her in this.

What a difference a year makes!?!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Teddy's Birthday Party

Abby has quite the creative streak and she recently decided that we needed to have a birthday party for her favorite friend, Teddy.  When asked how old he is, "2 Months!" was the very enthusiastic answer.  We quickly busted out a Milky Way (Halloween candy), added a candle, and voila - a bear size birthday cake!  Elmo and Monkey were guests as the last minute rendezvous and joined in the celebration!

Happy 2 Month Birthday Teddy!