Monday, January 24, 2011

After a tough day....

It was so cold out today - the car read -3 at 10am this morning, but we still got out to the library and to a few errands.  We played hard and Miss Abby crashed hard....In case you can't tell, that's the dog from the Grinch who Stole Christmas.  I love it when her butt is in the air! 

Abby is really taking on such a personality and growing like a weed.  She has been exclusively walking since her birthday, completely off bottles for since the beginning of the year, has several words (Mama, Dada, baa baa, woof woof, apple) in her vocabulary, and can find the Puppy flash card in seconds.  :-)  She really understand exactly what you ask her to do.  "Abby, can you throw this in the recycling box?"  "Can you pick out a book for nap time?" "Can you help me close the door?" "Are you ready for snack, lunch, etc?" She'll nod her head once in agreement.  She knows what a dog and cat says; babbles and looks at us like we know exactly what she has said.  Even at library hour she understands all the songs, bounces, and books.  Although she's still all over the place and I have a tough time reigning her in, she's still a joy to watch.  And she LOVES to dance!  Just see for yourself....of course, the attention span is something we're working on...

Abby still only has 6 teeth and I swear she's been teething for months.  Within the past two to three weeks  the chewing of fingers has increased dramatically.  The bottom 3rd and 4th teeth are just around the corner, I can sense it!

She's eating like she has all her teeth.  We generally feed her whatever we're eating and does well with most everything.  She still loves her mango and banana, cereal bars, gold fish, animal crackers, cheddar bunnies, mashed potatoes, eggs, and string cheese.  Her favorite treat is a slice of cheese from the deli at the grocery store.  The deli worker is adorable and always asks to share a slice.  Today she ruffled Abby's pigtails and Abby got all silly and shy. 

More often than not, she's still sleeping like a champ.  Generally she's in bed around 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30-7. Every once in awhile she'll start squeaking and put her back to sleep.  We learned from the pediatric book that toddlers begin to have nightmares around 12-14 months.  Which explains a few episodes of high pitched screaming at 3am.  She finished the night in our bed all cuddly and safe.

All this learning just tuckers a girl right out. 

Abby Loves Water!

Finally!  After moving into the house and working through not-so-happy tubby times to her first meltdown in public at the YMCA after a swim lesson, we finally have a Happy Abby.  She LOVES bath time and as soon as you say, "Abby, let's get ready for tubbies!" she runs to the bathroom. 

Following bath time she usually is ready to derobe and run around naked for a bit. She does like showing off her muscular thighs, round belly, tight arms....

After three weeks at the pool for swim lessons, we've got it down pat.  She enjoys being in the water and after an unorganized session followed by one with structure, I figured out what we're suppose to be learning.  Abby is mastering the back float and blowing bubbles by practicing in the tub.

Bring on the floaties!

Both Daddy and Mommy get in the pool.  (eek! bathing suits in January is so not fair)

Hopefully this summer she'll be begging for the beach, pool, or lake all the time! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

One Little Piggy, Two Little Piggies

Not toes!  In the event you are not on facebook or don't check it (MiM/Auntie Kellly!!)  here is a not-so-clear look at Abby's first piggies!   These are certainly very crooked since Abby was a squirmy wormy and not really interested in having her gorgeous hair styled. 

In honor of her being 14 months, she is also wearing her first 18 month size clothing.  I think it's almost time to move up.  Our little baby is growing up in nano seconds!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today's Agenda

Being home with a 14 month old (yes, 14!) can be challenging, especially when the child is as active as Abby.  Here's what we did today:
  • read books
  • practiced flashed cards
  • raced puppies down the hallway
  • went to library hour 
  • played baseball
  • built a lego fort
  • practiced our flash cards
  • slept in the car for 15 minutes on the way home from library hour
  • put together puzzles
  • called everyone on our celly
  • cleaned out our purse
  • played with Abby's hair - I love the whale spout!
  • read books
  • practiced our flash cards
  • raced our popper - she's getting the hang of it
  • had a tea party
  • ate some snacks
  • and of course ate all my meals
  • had a bath
  • read more books
Do you know what's NOT on the list???? sleeping, napping of any acceptable length.  Actually, this has been our agenda all week.  Let's hope next week there are naps on this list.  Because it's NOT cool.  Not. Cool.  

I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby. I love Abby.I love Abby.I love Abby.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nap time Deco Project

A display of shell postcards add some depth into our entryway.

Inspiration:  LL Bean Spring 2011 Home Catalog.  The staging in each shot is superb and this idea was featured over a headboard in a bedroom shot.  I added rows to take up more space and display more cards.

Cost:  Free!  I had the jute rope and I picked up the cards at the Swap Shop in the Cape dump ( I love this place!) and the clothes pins were inherited by by previous owner of the house.

Directions:  I measured the length of the wall and measured 6" in from each side.  On one side I started from the top and marked in 12" increments.  On the other side, I marked 6" from the top and then in increments of 12".  After nailing 1" nails in at each mark, I tied a knot at the top I strung the rope around each nail and knotting at the bottom.  Clothespin your postcards, artwork, etc where ever you want it!

Really, it took me less than nap time.  About 30 minutes from start to finish. 

Here's what Abby was doing:

Dream in Green :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looks Like We Have Some Work to Do

Before viewing video, please read post from yesterday :-)

Fourteen hours later - here's what Abby has learned.

Obviously not much!  :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Abby's First Lesson in being Green

We're a green family.  No doubt about it.  We expect Abby to learn the same respect for our Mother Earth and civic duty to reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, etc.  After today's lesson in this area, I'm sure there won't be any confusion going forward.  Here's how it went down.  The last few days, I've been teaching Abby to throw away trash into the trash can.  She actually does pretty well understanding the request, walking to the trash can, opening and tossing the item away.  She also has a tendency to open the drawers as far as they can go (they have safety latches), reaching her small hand and retrieving all of the reusable bags she can get.  After a quick lesson on throwing away the milk top tab, I check the can and what did I find?  THREE REUSABLE BAGS.  Oh, Abby.  We had a pleasant conversation on what was trash (not a heck of a lot) and what can be recycled or composted.  Looks like I'll have to check the trash can periodically.  Here are some random pictures that certainly make you smile. 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kitchen Before and After

Our kitchen and dining room are separated by the breakfast bar and I love the open configuration.  If you remember the theme of the house - pink- you'll see lots of it here.  The kitchen is on our To-Do (remodel in entirety) list for later, but in the meantime, we'll be installing a dishwasher that actually works in the very, very near future.  

Before - do you love the rooster on the door (barf!!)


Dining Room After

Kitchen After

The bowl of junk in the middle of the breakfast bar is a reminder that a home is a home even with all its clutter.  I hate clutter and knick knacks, but realize that as long as it's organized, it works for us. Organized, as in, in a bowl or put away.  :-)

Usually when you move, you pack up all the dear and special items and give away or sell the rest.  This mug was a gift from a friend to commemorate my one month stay with her in San Diego.  On the inside it says 74 and Sunny.  Oh how I wish I lived there.  I drink my coffee from it every morning and usually have a quick moment of "ahhhh" and memory of our days on the beach.  This mug will go with me everywhere until I die :-)

Another special item I was excited to unpack.  This is a 16x20 framed picture of all of our wedding guests - minus one or two who may have been in the restroom.

I purchased this from a fellow vendor at a craft fair and it reminds me of where home is.  Crescent beach is just around the corner from us.  I've always said I wanted to live on the beach - well, around the corner will have to do for now. 

Happy New Year!

This past year truly has been an amazing year.  The Proctor family has been blessed to have our prayers answered.  We took a huge leap of faith in putting our condo in VT on the market in early March and 7 months later be in our new home in Maine.   The in between had mostly positive situations and just a few stressful moments.  Honestly, my expectations have been surpassed as I set myself up for being in Vermont at least another year.  The way the housing market was going and the speed of condos being sold in our development, the expectation was not far from the truth.  As I type this from our living room in our new home, with the wind gently moving the trees from the window, I realize good things do happen.  Especially if you hope, dream, work hard, and take those leaps of faith. 

To each and all of our friends, family and maybe just readers of the blog, The Proctor's wish each of you a Happy New Year!  One filled with joy, laughter, love, and prosperity.