Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink Eye

We've got it! Day care called yesterday around 4:15 indicating Abby might have a little something, something in her eye. Tim rushed to grab her and snagged the last appointment at the Doctors where they confirmed she is in the beginning stages of Pink Eye. We have the meds, keeping Abby home for the obligatory 24 hours from day care, and hope this passes quickly. She doesn't seem to be bothered by it now...we'll see what happens after the drop applications.

And really, who can help but smile with dipes as cute as these.....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just because....

I have some blog ideas brewing, but for now, enjoy these awesome Abby pictures!

Learning to sew with Momma

airing out her bum after her first major diaper rash

out to dinner

playing with her BFF Sophie

Help! I want out, NOW!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Leaky Abby

Poor Abby.....she has a doozy of a cold. Definitely the worse one she's had thus far. She's leaky in the eyes, leaky in the nose, and I don't dare know if she's leaky in the bum. Fortunately no fever, and she's still mostly smiles. Our sleep is a bit off as well. But, I won't linger on that for too long. We got some great care tips from my friend Caren, who is a nurse. We'll be picking up some baby Vicks today but in the mean time we're getting some extra use from the booger extractor, some lanolin on her upper lip, and lots of cuddling.

Hopefully she won't be leaky for very long....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Four month check up

Besides the dreaded shots, Abby was a rock star as usual at her four month appointment.

She measured in at:

Head circumference: 41 cm, 53%ile
Weight: 12 lbs 12 ounces, 31%ile
Length: 24 1/2 inches, 62%ile

She had an oral vaccine and three shots. owie. She cried for all three shots - I think she knows the "s" word. And I don't mean shit...although I'm sure that's what she was thinking during the poking.

Speaking of her head circumference, I have to confess. You may have noticed a small red mark on her forehead. Certainly not intentional, but I did it. It all stemmed from wanting to get a picture of my daughter after her shower. She was so adorable in her ducky towel and I wanted to capture the moment. I asked Tim to get me the camera and it dropped in transition. Unfortunately, right on her head. She cried for a few minutes as I snuggled and consoled her. The last couple of days are hopefully erased from her memory. I did hear something that an infants memory is seven seconds. I hope this is true!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby

Wow, four months....I never knew a child's development would happen so quickly. The best advice I can give a new Mom or Dad is that the first few weeks (okay 6) are tough, but after that, it's a whole new world.

Abby is "talking" up a storm, "helping" us with her diaper changes by lifting up her butt, laughing, and rolling over unassisted. She still has her big blue eyes, her bald spot on the back of her head, and a small birth mark on her belly. She tried to swallow her hand, bounce in her jumperoo, get our attention by yelling, and even is trying to sleep through the night.

She's amazing, funny, spirited, and adorable....

Here she is!

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's official! Abby is showing off her mad skills! She's been working hard at rolling over and she's been performing expertly for day care. In the last couple of days, Abby has rolled over assisted at home, but last night she just did it. Tim, Chris, and I were talking about how to renovate our gas line and then all of a sudden she was on her belly. Now, she looks at me and says okay, Mom, I'll show you what I can do. Dad got it on video this morning!

Complete with a smile!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Abby

She really is a happy baby...I thank my lucky stars she is so awesome. I'm hoping she's this cool when she's two, three, thirteen, twenty-one, and so on.....Here's a video of her chatting away with some help from Daddy. Albeit not the best quality, it's still pretty funny.

As I write this blog entry, both Abby and Daddy are napping away. I'm hoping they'll wake up to chocolate chip cookies, I just have to get them in the oven!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Laughter is the best Medicine

Through Tim's work we had the opportunity to see Bob Marley at the Flynn last night. Our first thought was YES! and then it was who was going to watch Abby? Since MiMi isn't around, I am so thankful to have so many friends in the area. I conned my friend Laura into hanging out with Abby by proposing a trade or IOU in babysitting hours. Now for me, this idea is brilliant, and luckily she agreed! In reality, who has to con anyone to babysit Abby? :-)

So we got to enjoy ourselves for a quick cocktail before the show and one of the best shows I've seen Bob Marley do.

The verdict? Abby slept the whole time she was with Laura. Hmmmmm..... The trade? I get to hang out with Ben (almost 18 months) - a little preparation to what life is in store. He's an awesome kid and I'm excited for a playdate!

Thanks, Laura!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Houston - we have a Roll Over!

Well, we actually haven't seen the move in its entirety, yet, but the gals at Day Care have! Her walking papers last Thursday, March 4, at 3 1/2 months, indicated she rolled over 3 or 4 times. Yay, Abby! We tried all weekend to coax her into it, but no such luck. Both days this week she has done the deed during the day and she was 78% there last night at home. She had trouble getting her arm out of the way. She's not a big fan of tummy time, so she spends a lot of time on her back on her play mat developing other skills. She's rolling from back to tummy and is using her legs to throw her over....hopefully I'll be able to get it on video soon! So cute!

Here's a tubby time shot fro one of her last baths.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Never Wake A Sleeping Baby

Our pediatrician gave us this advice when Abby was just two weeks old. We followed it until Friday night. Our peanut fell asleep around 6:30 and we expected her to get up around 8. But in non-typical Abby fashion, she was still asleep at 9pm. If she hadn't fallen asleep in her overalls I would have left her. However, I slowly picked her up, talked to her softly, but Miss Abby screamed like I have never heard her before. Poor Katie and Chris, who were over for dinner, were witnesses to the torture. After I changed her diaper and clothes, it was almost like the switch turned off. We came downstairs and she was happy, smiley, and blowing raspberries....

The moral? Never, EVER, wake a sleeping baby. Now, if she would just stay asleep from 10pm to 6am, that would be fantastic!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries...Oh my!!

Abby's new trick is blowing raspberries....she's doing it all the time, laughing hysterically at herself. At all hours of the day, including 4am. It's hard to be irritated being up at 4am when your little one is blowing you raspberries and giggling after...

For your viewing pleasure!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family Time Rocks!

We spent this past weekend in Maine and took Monday off to really enjoy our time with family. I spent Saturday morning with girlfriends, while MiMi and Daddy got ready for The Benson's shower. Not only did we get to spend time with our family, but the Braiser family as well! Ellen's family hosted a shower for her, Brian and soon to be baby Benson.

On Sunday we had a lovely brunch at my parents with a few family and friends. Bagels, coffee, breakfast casseroles, and fruit filled our bellies as the guest of honor (Abby) slept away. She did wake up for a few hugs, kisses, and belly laughs. We got her going while changing her diaper. She seems to laugh ALL. THE. TIME! It's great. Her new thing is blowing bubbles with her drool. I have to get a video of that!

Cousin Annette

What a beautiful group! Obviously mornings agree more than others.

Aunt Suzanne

Abby showing off her Baby Legs (leggings for babies) They are blue with green apples...
I know...adorable...