Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's October 25th?

Why it's the scheduled closing date on our new house!  Yipeeee!!  We just met with our mortgage lender and as long as everything goes smoothly, we're in like Flynn!  It's all very exciting and we're crossing our fingers that everything happens quickly, efficiently, and in our favor.  Building inspection is next Wednesday and the appraisal will happen in a couple of weeks. 

Here's a sneak peak!

It's a cute place - a split ranch in Cape Elizabeth, wiith gorgeous perennials.  Four bedrooms, 2 full baths, adorable laundry room, and huge family room downstairs.  All in all just under 2k sqft. The biggest bedroom is actually in the basement, but we'll occupy a bed room upstairs.  We'll reserve the big one for a guest room since there is a bathroom there too.  I suspect this will be a craft room as well :-) One of my favorite features is the brick fireplace separates the kitchen and the living room upstairs.   The kitchen is a bit small :-(  but the dining room has a huge window with nice window treatments.  My second favorite feature is a built in book case on the staircase to the first floor! (no picture - I'll get a pic of that later.....

 I'm leaning toward bright, cool colors - think ice blue, light green with lots of white trim, bright yellow and accessorize in black and colors that pop. I'm open to any color faves or ideas!!!! 


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh, Abby.....

I was doing dishes and came in to find this....

She has been eying the toilet paper roll for awhile and I stealthy put a baseball cap over the holder so she wouldn't "see" it.   As you can tell, it worked really well (insert sarcasm here).  Luckily the toilet seat was down so she wasn't in the toilet as well.  Does this mean she's thinking about potty training???

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten Months Ago....

Abby joined the world!  This last month has probably gone the quickest of all the months.  I honestly feel like I just posted her nine month pictures yesterday. 

This little girl is absolutely a delight!  She's sleeping a bit better, still only has two teeth, eating more and more, standing on her own for a few seconds, likes toilet water, chewing on cords, LOVES her new radio flyer wagon we scored at a yard sale, has fun at our library hour and meeting new friends.

We're going to enjoy our last few days of mama not working as I start at LL Bean next Monday.  I am working for the holiday season in their Portland Call Center and am crossing my fingers something permanent opens up. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

The Proctor Family has been a bit busy in the last few weeks and I'll try to tell the "short" version. 

1.  I had to restore my laptop to manufacturing settings, so fortunately, I didn't lose any pictures because they were backed up, but I lost some cool picture editing features.  I'll hopefully get that back soon.  I know how you all look forward to pics of the Abster.
2.  My cell phone busted and was without phone for a few days - that's not fun!
3.  We survived a 10 day Timmy Travel stint and a 4 day travel to VT and Mass trip.
4.  I was turned down by another company for full time employment, but am starting at LL Bean in their call center in 11 days.  Back to work just to shop!  :-)
5.  We are *close* to being under contract for a house in Cape Elizabeth!  More on this later - just send your good vibes, thoughts, wishes, etc!!!
6.  Abster is almost walking!  I have never seen her move (crawl) so fast across the room and she's cruising up a storm.  She really has grown up quickly and literally right before my eyes.  Her gummy grin makes me smile, even after very little sleep.  We've had one good night in the past 2 weeks.  Here she is a couple weeks ago working on eating peas.  She eats almost everything we eat and it's been nice that she feeds herself.  We're working on fattening her up.  Abby is still napping twice a day and loves her bath time before bed.  In fact, as I write this, she is falling asleep on the floor.  Her hair is getting long and I can't wait until we can put a "whale's spout" in.  Think Pebbles :-)

I better jet, she's fading fast!  Her Pack N Play is way more comfortable than the floor!