Thursday, January 23, 2014

In 50 Years....

Before you read this post you must read a prerequisite here.

Did you read it?

As I reflected over Thanksgiving (2013) all that I am thankful for, I vowed to make a more conscious effort to vocalize my gratitude for those things.  I decide to write a Christmas card to the couple featured in the above post.  Even better, I wanted to give to them in person.  After several weeks of cold, cold weather, the holidays, and being out of town, we finally saw the couple walking last weekend.  We slowly pulled over and I jumped out of the car and waved to show my friendliness.

I couldn't even spit out any words before the waterworks started.  I hurriedly tried to explain.  "We drive by every Sunday and look forward to seeing them....Here's a card....Thank you for your inspiration...." They were genuinely touched by the gesture and we received an email from someone in their congregation:

Dear Jess,
We are at the monthly United Methodist Women's meeting.
Jane Beckwith just shared with us the story of your encounter last Sunday morning
on the way to Church.  We have each been touched as we read your Christmas card and the enclosed, "Measure your life in love."   Your kindness has touched all of us.
Jane asked if I could go on line and send you a thank you to let you know how much your
kindness and thoughtfulness meant to her and Gary.

As it happened the theme at church on Sunday was taken from Isaiah 42.  "I have taken you by the hand and kept you."  Perhaps you heard that at your church service as well.



It was a wonderful day to feel and BE grateful. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Wonderland

I'm so glad the someone likes playing outside.  I loathe winter.  If I could move my entire family to Southern California, I would. But, alas, I can't.  Tim and Abby built a pretty kick butt snowman from our latest dumping of white stuff.  They named him Olaf after the funny snowman from Frozen, the new Disney movie.  "Olaf" is complete with his tongue sticking out.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dress Up Trunk turned Wardrobe

I've been wanting to turn Abby's overflowing dress up trunk into something a bit more functional and organized. Especially for my Type-A personality.  Keeping my eye out for a pinterest worthy makeover furniture item, I scored one yesterday.  With all the materials on hand, my side kick (s) and I got ready.
Getting ready to take it apart
Isn't this everyone's painting clothes?

Taking a picture of our handy work

Abby helped with the first "coat" while I rolled out the rest

Getting ready to organize! Be still my heart...The mound of mess right smack in the middle is the trunk.

Finished!  There are 9 cup hook around the outside and I left enough room to have shoe boxes underneath.
Abby and I had a blast!  She was such a big help and was so proud to work on this project with me.  She shared that it was the best part of her weekend - above yoga and turkey dinner.  

Yes she does a spiderman and a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume. :-)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sam's Birthday Part 2

We celebrated Sam's FIRST birthday with family yesterday and boy was it fun!  Fittingly, we had a Dr. Seuss theme in honor of his Green Eggs and Ham and its character, Sam I am.  Sam had a blast! He stayed in good spirits (as always!) gave big smiles, big hugs, and big memories.  He enjoyed eating cake, opening presents, and giving thanks to everyone. He was not a big fan of wearing hats.  What a treat to have Dr. Seuss hats made by Aunt DeeDee!

I had a rare opportunity to really reflect on his past year last night - like really reflect.  I recalled rushing to the hospital and delivering him within minutes after arriving - almost with my boots and jacket still on! The first three months were a blur as we settled in as a family of four and taking care of a newborn.  I remembered bringing him to Florida for his first taste of warm weather in February. I remembered the sadness of going back to work, but celebrated him sleeping through the night!  I remember him taking his first bites of oatmeal and starting to move around.  From rolling, to crawling, and to now walking 70% of the time.

He's so proud of himself and gives us belly laughs after each of his accomplishments. We are equally (or more) proud of him!

Thing 1 and thing 2,
the fish and the cat
thank you for putting on your party hat!
My birthday was fun
Thank you for helping me
Year 1!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

2013 brought a whole year of settling.  Sam joined us so late in 2012 that we had a whole year to settle into a routine as a family of four.  We traveled to Florida, Vermont and several states in between.  Our families stayed healthy, we remained gainfully employed, engagements occurred, and the kids grew inches in height and heart.  Abby and Sam's sibling relationship has blossomed and it's been so amazing to watch.  Absolutely the highlight of our year.  Tim and I are truly partners in life and cherish what we've created and will continue to create.

What does 2014 hold for us?  Well, we hope to continue good health, continue positively contributing to our employers, and watch as new marriages come together.  We hope to continue to build our roots in Maine, give back to our communities, and foster our relationships with family and friends.

Wishing you all a blessed, prosperous, and Happy New Year!!!