Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Whether you celebrate Easter, Jesus' Resurrection, passover, or the arrival of spring I hope you enjoyed the holiday with family, friends, and good food.  ( I may have stolen this word from word from a facebook status update, but it certainly is the best way to describe the weekend!)  We sure did!  It was filled with fun activities such as Guinness Book of World Records Cloth Diaper Change event, Easter dinner, etc and lots of lazy down time.  I finished reading a lovely book which makes 4 in the last two weeks.  We met our neighbors next door who have kiddos.  I think the wife's family is from Jamica and all the kids were hanging out in the street!  What FUN!  Abby tried so hard to keep up with the dozen 8+ year olds.  Her Easter dress tripped her up a few times, but she hung in there.

Speaking of dresses, she looked adorable with her little dress and lime green sweater.  Her MiMi picked it out and it was ADORABLE!  Perfect for a spring day.  And wouldn't you know I don't have any pictures of her in it. I know a million were taken, but none with my camera.  I'll have to hunt those down.

We celebrated Easter by checking out the Easter Bunny's loot, a beautiful service at church, and dinner at Aunt Marie's.  Here are a few pictures from the Easter Bunny's visit! 

The Easter Bunny left a trail of eggs from Abby's bedroom all the way to the living room and oh so cleverly along the way.  She understood the concept right away and began collecting and making a pile.  So found out very soon all the treats in the eggs!  Cheerios, raisins, goldfish, and coins were soon eaten or put in her piggy bank.

She loved tearing apart her basket!  The chocolate malt balls were obviously for Momma and Daddy and the smaller candy pieces she gobbled up quickly.

Easter dinner was a FEAST!  Most of my aunts, uncles, and cousins on my Mom's side were present, so it was a full house in Falmouth.  The food was fabulous, company grand, and Abby loved, loved, loved, running around with everyone.  She really enjoys playing with older kids and can keep up with them pretty well.  She is very comfortable with herself and surroundings and went to town zipping through the legs of adults and giving lots of big hugs and kisses. Pictures to come!

We had such a joyous day! As we celebrated Jesus' Resurrection we are reminded of the hope and optimism in all of life's challenges and experiences.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ariba Aruba!!

or maybe it was Aruba Ariba?  Anywho, we're back and quickly adjusting to the daily routine again.  We had a fabulous trip sans kids and really enjoyed the sun, sand, cocktails, food, and company.  We stayed at the Marriott Surf Club in the Palm Beach area and LOVED it.  The resort exceeded my expectations and was in a prime location - close to bars and restaurants and right on the beach. 

The 2011 Aruba Crew

We spent most days by the pool floating down the lazy river or by the crystal blue water.  We did manage to set sail on a sunset cruise (above), snorkel from a pirate ship, and some of us went on an ATV while others hit the spa.  I'll let you guess which one I did :-)

Abby was well taken care of by MiMi - in fact I don't think she missed us at all.

We Skyped every other day so she wouldn't forget us

If only we could have this every day....

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Motivation to Start Your Day?

What's yours?  Mine is coffee.  I don't drink a lot and in fact only recently has it been caffeinated.  Having trouble with migraines and severe headaches, I tried to stay away from the addictive drug.  Well, now I'm hooked.  We set the coffee maker at night and in the morning I can hear the percolating begin to wake my brain cells.  The three magical beeps signaling "finished"  usually draws my legs out of bed.

As he is up already to start his day, Tim usually gets up with Abby first thing in the morning to get her settled for breakfast so I can snooze a few more minutes.   Yes, I know I'm a lucky gal.  Most mornings that first cup of coffee is cold, half full, and usually reheated three times by 9am.  By 10, it's in iced coffee form getting ready to head out the door. 

This morning - it's 6:39, no sign of Abby or even Tim, just me, myself, my trusty computer, and my lovely first cup of coffee.  Thanks for joining me. 

Friday, April 8, 2011


....has officially started!  Abby is looking forward to lots of time with MiMi and Grampy.  And, I bet they are looking forward to cuddling with, feeding, wiping butts, cleaning mouths, and chasing after the Miss Abigail.  We'll be en route to Aruba on Sunday and will miss our crazy child the moment we step on the plane, but we are looking forward to some time away. 

We'll try real hard to send warm weather back to Maine as long as you all promise to send "no-rain" vibes our way. 

Since several have asked, quick note on the job front.  I'm still unemployed - or at least not getting paid to work.  Yes, I'm a full time mommy and professional interviewer, but those don't pay the bills.  I'm still trying to find time to sew the famous reusable bags and even made a big sale at Abby's day care provider today.  Who knows what God's plan is for me.  I'll be drinking cocktails on the beach awaiting His message.

Baby Beach in Aruba

 Lots of cocktails.......

Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy Friday

This was how breakfasted ended.  Let's hope the day doesn't end the same way.  With snow keeping us inside and house bound, let's hope Momma stays sane.