Monday, August 31, 2009

It's a GIRL!

And a healthy little girl!

We found out on Saturday morning after booking an appointment at a place in Portland. It's sort of like a drive by McDonald's - this was just an office to have a 3D/4D ultrasounds. We had told my Mom we were having "photos" taken and if she wanted to join us, she could. I met Tim and my Mom ( I was out to breakfast with my friend Cheryl!) at the "studio" and informed her we were going to have photos taken of the little one to find out the gender. To which she replied excitedly, "you little shit"! I knew I got my potty mouth from my parents (dinner last night proved it!).

The studio was nicely set up with leather couches and a huge projection screen. The room felt small with just three of us there. While not a medical or diagnostic ultrasound, the sonographer spent a lot of time making sure we got some great snapshots. Miss peanut decided it was more fun to suck her thumb or toes. But, we did get a great shot of her face - complete with the "Legere" nose and chubby cheeks.

We'll have pictures up as soon as we have them scanned in.

They say that when one is born, another one is reborn. Well, the week we found out we were pregnant, my grandmother passed. Now, we all love our Nana's, but if this little saying is out. My Nana was full of surprises and lots of drama! Maybe Tim's Memere will make sure this little gal is well-rounded. Memere was the sweetest, nicest woman in the world!

So, here's to our little girl! Cheers!

And no, we don't have a name yet. AND, we're not sharing until the Birthday. Gotta keep something a secret, huh?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Art Project

Sticking with the "green" theme and trying to eliminate disposable things in our lives, cloth wipes are the perfect compliment to cloth diapers. Using fabric such as flannels, soft cottons, terry, microfiber, and sherpa make for the softest wipes. Fabric from hand me down receiving blankets, flannel shirts, or other clothing make these not only recycled but almost FREE! I'm giddy just thinking how much we'll save on not having to buy wipes. Here's a snapshot of the first batch. Colorful, bright, and FREEEEE! They are 8" by 8" and when folded, fit perfectly into a wipe container.

What will we use for a solution you might ask? An easy mix of water, baby wash, and Tea Tree oil for a disinfectant. Shake in a bottle, and spray as needed! Voila! Easy peasy....

Did I mention free, too? BTW, I got to use my new toy (sewing machine!!) in this project.....

Sneak Peak

We're visiting Maine this weekend and are super excited about it! While we have a surprise planned for our blog visitors, I won't be able to post about it until next week. Until then, here's a sneak peak of the ever-growing belly.

26 weeks 5 days

Obviously, I've kept the bump under cover during our outside adventures. It's so white!

And for reference sake, almost 10 weeks 5 days

A few more days of work, then off to see the Mainiacs!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

26 week update

I believe we are officially in the third trimester. I have no idea where the other two went, but they are long gone.

So, what's going on?
  • Everything appears healthy.
  • The belly is growing like a weed.
  • I feel like a punching bag - the really small one that you jab a lot...
  • I've gained 22.4 pounds - I have an excuse, okay?
  • So hasn't Tim - well not really 22, but he doesn't have an excuse ( I love you honey!)
  • We're still on Team Green!
  • Watched a movie on the Stages of Labor (including a live birth) at our prenatal group and would officially like to be pregnant forever
  • I still have lots of energy and feel fantastic
  • Although rolling over at night is now a bit more dramatic movement - it's a heave-ho....
  • My bladder is the size of a popcorn kernel.
And finally, I'm excited for a fun weekend in Boston and Rhode Island with family and friends!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

99 Bottles of beer on the wall....

I mean, 99 days to go! Yes, I know it could fluctuate a bit, one month early, two weeks's all relative. BUT, it is kinda nice to be less than 100 days. We actually have a prenatal appointment this evening, so I'll be able to give a 26 (almost) week update later. The big news this week is that we finally ordered our crib and dresser. It's been an interesting three weeks because of the product not being available, the Vermont store giving us inaccurate information, etc. We worked with a fabulous gal from the SP store and they finally called yesterday to say the crib was available!! Unfortunately, the dresser wasn't, but we choose something from a different collection, and actually we like it better than the one we registered for. Its the low, 6 drawer dresser in the second picture. It will be a changing table, too! Seven - 14 days we'll be able to get the Nursery set up more!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Going Cloth...

We've been pretty fortunate to have a good jump start on our Newborn cloth diaper stash thanks to consignment shops and the generosity of friends and fellow freecyclers. ( is a website you can join to give away your unneeded items and possible get what you DO need!) As we learn more about cloth diapering it's pretty clear we're not going to really know what will work best until our little peanut is here. Like buying jeans, what works for you might not work for me. You know, short and chunky versus long and lean - I'm talking babies, now! :-)

With the gorgeous weather this weekend and an unexpected weekend home, we loaded up the washer and started taking an inventory of what we have. Of course, when I say we, I mean, "I".

(Don't forget to click on the picture to see the detail in the covers!)

What you're looking at is a slew of newborn prefolds, several covers, a couple of fitteds, a handful of pockets, a few all in ones (AIO's) two wet bags, and a half dozen cloth wipes. Pretty cool, huh? The best part is I only had to purchase four of the said items - no more than $50 (or three weeks or so worth of disposables). What we have above is enough to get us through the first three months. I like it a lot!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Future Sox Fan

Dear Dad,

You a rock star. I absolutely love our t-shirt that you gave Mom! I know she's going to wear it every night. Hopefully, I'll bring good luck to the Sox when you guys go to the game on August 22nd (down with the Yankees!).


PS Oh and Michelle, if you're reading this, kiss my skinny white butt :-)

Monday, August 10, 2009

I won something!

Most of you know my run of bad luck can be pretty bad, however, when had a giveaway, I thought I'd enter. I had to answer, "What is your favorite childhood memory." While it's impossible to choose just one, I went with this answer:

re: First Impressions Layette Set Giveaway!

One of my favorite childhood memories is riding on the back of my Dad's Norton motorcycle. We lived on a very tiny side street and he would vroom, vroom up and down the street. We have pictures will my helmet on and long hair blowing in the wind. Mom always got nervous, but I loved every minute of it.

Just a few short weeks later, I received an email stating I had won! Still a bit leary, I sent my address anyway. The worse that could happen is that they'd send me a bunch of mail, right? Lo and behold, I got home today and found a huge box on my doorstep with this inside. My heart melted when I saw the adorable layette set and the stuffed giraffe (in the second picture).

Maybe good things come to those who wait? Or is it, good things come in small packages? Whatever the cliche is, I'm feeling lucky today! Thanks to and Macy's for sponsoring!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A vacation of rest

This past week has been a week filled with warm sun, soft sand, good food, good times and great friends. Certainly a week I don't need another vacation from! The baby was a mover and a shaker and even squirmed enough to see on the outside! S/he made my hand move while reading a book on the beach! I think it was a sign s/he is going to be a beach lover like Mom and Dad.

Things I'm starting to notice:
  • It's harder to tie my shoes - thank God for flip flops
  • It's difficult getting up from a sitting position, especially a low one :-)
  • Sleep is super
  • Work is overrated

Here are some pics from the week!

24 weeks

Out and about playing mini -golf

View from our cottage ahhhhhhh